2022 Youth Sunday

2022 Youth Sunday
Sunday May 1

A chance for LOFT Students to take over CBC – well, at least for one Sunday!!!  We will be teaching Sunday School and leading Morning Worship that morning.  Of course, you will be well prepared and well supported in this service opportunity – here’s some info to help get started:

1.  Sunday School.  You will have the opportunity to pair up with another student to teach a Sunday School class.  Materials will be provided and you will be connected with the current teacher in the class – they will be there to support you.  Please note -we will begin by assigning Adult Classes first.

2.  Worship.  Except for the sermon and multimedia, you all will be the leaders – music, prayer, offering, greeting, etc.

Below is a form with roles of service for you. Please begin praying about your role, then let us know your preferences of where you like to serve.  Please note: you can choose to serve in more than one area.  This is a great time to show CBC what we already know – that you are believers growing in your faith with a heart to serve!!  

2022 Youth Sunday

May 1, 2022
  • Are you willing to serve in some way for Youth Sunday?
  • Choose top 2 adult classes that you would be interested in teaching.
  • Choose any areas in which you would be interested in serving durning Morning Worship